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ITouchless 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can with AC Adapter, Battery-Free Stainless How to spend 24 hours in Doha Qatar 24 hour Layover Qatar Airways

  Doha is a unique and a perfect destination for a variety of travelers, offering local experiences at the main market area, or gourmet restaurants with beautiful decoration, luxury hotels, and some adventure experiences. The vibe is surprisingly relaxed and friendly, I was expecting a busier and noisier city, but it was totally the opposite. Qatar is a rich country and you can notice the wealthy vibe everywhere you go. This time, our visit was possible thanks to the Qatar

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How to get a Traditional Sak Yant Bamboo Tattoo in Chiang Mai

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I’m sure when you think about buying a souvenir the ideas are to get a magnet, or a scarf or either something to use at home that makes you remember the experiences lived in a destination. I also do, and now that I have a home in Germany I sometimes buy magnets or something special I can use or for decoration. But even better than buying anything I try to prioritize creating good memories and thus the experiences turn into

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MAKITA Professional Leg Tied Shear Holster Holder P-72182 NEW

This is an article that I wish would never have had to write. I have always defended the right and duty we have to fulfill our dreams without depending on what society tells us, happening you to be a man or a woman. How often did you heard that we are weaker, that we can’t walk alone, that traveling alone is dangerous and a long list of etceteras? I grew up in a culture where these things are often said

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Best things to do in Madrid during a short trip

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After only being in Barajas airport several times I was dreaming of visiting Spain for years, to try their food, experience the culture and to enjoy Flamenco shows. I was finally able to actually go to Madrid city center. Now I’ve been there two times, last time was for FITUR 2018, a great experience for the ones involved in travel and tourism. Most of the time we only have one or two days to visit a city, and even if I prefer to

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    Santiago de Chile is for some people a big city, a bit stressed, polluted and a little noisy. But for others, it is a vibrant city, with very entertaining neighborhoods, close to nature, with a great cultural offer and special nightlife. If you are looking to tour the city quickly, I recommend this tour that visits the most important places in the city. BOOK HERE to know Santiago including different neighborhoods and thus have an idea of Santiago.

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I’ve been living in Germany for almost two years and I’ve been collecting the things that have caught my attention, those things that I did not imagine would be like that before being here. Because apart from the obvious things and clichés, which more or less everyone expects from Germany, like they are very serious but they drink a lot of beer, or that it’s a very safe country, there are things that you can only realize when you spend

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Cruises can be great for social get-togethers or family vacations but let’s be honest, when most of us think of a cruise we think of a romantic getaway full of fine dining and sunsets that couples will cherish forever. There’s a reason for that – it’s because cruises are made for romance! And no cruise does romance better than a Bermuda cruise. Bermuda is known for its pink-sand beaches and has a distinctive blend of British and American culture. If you really

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Best Thai Food not to Miss When Traveling to Bangkok

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The first time I have been to Thailand, it was late at night when my flight arrived. I was extremely tired as the journey was like 38 hours total (ooh yeah! Traveling from Chile to Thailand is far) it was very hot outside but the most, I was hungry too! So I went outside and it was the first time I have had Thai food in my mouth. It was a very simple noodle soup, but that simple soup changed

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10 Tips and Secrets to buy Cheap Flights without losing your mind

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Since we all want to pay less when possible, especially when we are traveling, I will share with you everything I do to find cheap flights tickets When I began my travels it was the days when I was a student, in times when I didn’t have much money (not saying that I’m rich…yet). At that time I was backpacking, not because I liked to travel with a low budget, but because I’ve had no budget. It was the times

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